Mothers day card idea – embroidery

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On this blog I collect homemade cards ideas that don’t require any special skills or knowledge. Today’s post is an exception – this Mothers Day card requires some embroidery skills. But it looks so cute, that I simple couldn’t pass by.

How to make a card| Materials:

  • Card stock
  • Patterned paper
  • Fabric, threads and needles
  • Glue, scissors
  • How to make a card| Directions:
    All you need to make this card is to make a nice embroidery – very simple (a flower, a heart etc.) if you are not a crafty person, or a bit more sophisticated piece if you are well skilled in embroidery. Then cut out a rectangle out of patterned paper, glue it on the front side of your card stock, add the embroidery on top and that’s it. Your cute handmade Mothers day card is ready!

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