Homemade valentine’s card

homemade valentine's card

Didn’t have time to prepare your homemade Valentine’s card yet? Then it’s about time! Here goes an easy to follow card making tutorial with lots of photos.


  • White card stock with heart cut out
  • Red, white, pink papers and a newspaper sheet
  • 2 sheets of transparency material (thin plastic bag, for instance)
  • A sheet of white paper
  • Hole punch
  • Rolling adhesive
  • Needle and threads
  • Scissors


Take a hole punch and punch out a bunch of confetti from colored paper and newspaper.

homemade valentine's card

Put them into a transparency material (it should be large enough to cover the heart-shaped cut out). Sew a little pocket, leaving one side open.

homemade valentine's card

Put confetti inside and sew it down.
Glue the pocket onto the inner card’s side, behind the cut out. Use rolling adhesive.

homemade valentine's card

Now take a sheet of white paper (same size as the card’s inner side). Glue it to cover the pocket with confetti.

homemade valentine's card

Add some greeting words.

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