Handmade new baby card

baby boy card

Charming baby boy card with lots of interesting details.


  • White card stock
  • Light blue, blue and white paper
  • Transparent white paper with baby-themed pattern (could be also heart-patterned)
  • White felt
  • Light blue and silver ribbons
  • White ribbon with cut-out ornament
  • 2 little silver buttons and one bigger button
  • Scissors, glue


Cut out a square of white paper (a bit smaller then the card’s front side) and a bit smaller square of transparent paper. Glue them one to another and onto the card stock.
Cut out two little shoes from white and blue paper (the blue one has to be a bit smaller). Glue both parts together.
Cut out two little felt ovals and glue them to the centre of the shoes.
Add a little light blue bow and a silver button on top of each shoe.
Now cut out a piece of white ribbon with cut-out ornament and a silver ribbon. Glue them together and onto the card’s front side, at the right side, vertically.
Add a big silver button and a silver bow.
Cut out little rectangles from blue and white paper. Write new baby greetings on the white one and glue them together and onto the card stock, at the upper left corner.
Glue the shoes to the lower part of the card.

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