Diy new baby card

diy baby card

A bit of basic quilling coils will help you to create this simple yet beautiful baby card.


  • Blue card stock
  • Thick white paper
  • Thin blue paper
  • Needle tool or toothpick (to make coils)
  • Scissors and glue


First make 10 tight coils for fingers. Here’s how it is done:
quilling technique
Roll a strip of paper tightly around your tool (needle tool, or toothpick), being sure to deep the paper in alignment as you roll. Place a small dab of glue at the end of the strip, glue end to the roll, and hold until set. Remove the tool.

Then make 4 teardrop coils. Here are the instructions:
quilling technique
Roll a strip into a tight coil; remove the tool and allow the roll uncoil to the desired size. Glue the loose end to the coil. Now with your index finger and thumb, pinch the coil into a point, allowing the opposite side to remain round.

Glue all the coils in a shape of two baby foots.
Add some greeting words.

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