Day spring card

day spring card

Only 1,5 months to go till spring, so it’s about time tp start preparing your „happy Spring” cards!


  • White card stock
  • Thick white and blue paper
  • Yellow ribbon
  • White lace paper doily
  • paper card craft

  • Threads
  • Tiny blue artificial flowers
  • Glue, scissors


Print some greeting words on a sheet of thick white paper. Now cut the edges and burn them a little bit, so they would have a peculiar jagged shape.
Cut out a rectangle of blue paper, some few mm smaller then the card stock’s front side.
Cut out a piece of ribbon, glue it onto the blue recrtangle and tuck the edges under it.
Glue blue paper with ribbon onto the front side of the card.
Add white paper with greetings.
Tie a bow from yellow ribbon. Add little pieces of doily and flowers. Tie the whole composition with threads and firmly glue it onto the card.

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