Card making ideas – threads and beads

card making ideas

Today I’ve decided to post a card making tutorial with photos as this card is a bit more difficult then those which I usually choose for this blog. It will take some time and efforts, but will surely be appreciated by your Dad, boyfriend or friend, who loves fishing.


  • Blue card stock
  • Need, orange threads, little beads
  • Small piece of orange paper
  • Glue, scissors, paper knife


Cut out 2 parts of the fish, using the template below.

make a card

Make little cuts all around the both parts using paper knife.
Take spool of threads and start rolling them around fish’s body and tail as shown on the photo.

card making tutorial

Repeat with the other fish.
Cut out 2 small circles of orange paper, these will be the eyes. Glue them on the fishes.
Now insert a thread into needle, start stringing beads and wrapping card’s front side.

card making tutorial

Use glue to make threads stick firmly.
Glue fishes on the card.
Your diy greeting card is ready!

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