New baby boy card with applique

Another cute diy new baby card. This time with colorful applique.


  • Cream color card stock
  • Thick blue cardboard
  • Patterned paper, 2 types
  • Light green, blue and off-white paper
  • Light blue and blue felt-tip pens


First cut out a rectangle of light green paper a a bit smaller one of off-white paper. Glue them on onto another and on the card stock.
Cut out the lower part of baby bottle from blue paper and then same detail from patterned paper (it should be few mm smaller). Glue them one onto another.
Now cut out the middle and the upper part of the bottle from patterned paper and light green paper.
Glue all parts of the bottle onto the card stock.
Write greeting words using light blue and blue felt-tip pens.

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  1. its beatiful and funniest

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    karla fernandez espinoza
    16 February 2015 @ 10pm
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