Easter cards craft

Did you already finish your Easter cards craft? If not, then hurry up, only few ore days to go!


  • White card stock
  • Thick patterned paper
  • Thick yellow paper
  • White twine
  • White and black felt-tip pens
  • Glue and scissors


Cut out 3 eggs from patterned paper.
Make 2 little holes in the upper side of card’s front page and skip the twine through the holes and tie it behind.
Take 3 little pieces of the same twine and attach your eggs to the „main” twine, making cute little bows.
Write the word Happy under the „garland” of eggs.
Cut out letters from the word Easter from yellow paper.
Take white felt-tip pen and draw little lines along the edges of each letter to create an illusion of stitches.
Glue the letters onto the card.
Add some greeting words inside.

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