Do it yourself invitation for wedding

A funny wedding invitation for young and daring fiancée and groom with good sense of humor!


  • Textured off-white card stock
  • Thick beige cardboard (for figurines)
  • Brown paper
  • A little piece of white laces
  • Glue, scissors
  • Felt-tip pens


Take cardboard and cut out details of body for fiancée and groom: hands, heads, and feet.
Draw their faces with felt-tip pens.
Now cut out groom’s suit from brown paper and fiancée’s dress and veil from a piece of lace.
Glue all parts together and glue the figurines to the center of the card stock.
Add an invitation text inside. You can also add some text (like date of names) on the front side, alongside with figurines.

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