Diy Xmas card with a snowman

I just love the combination of drawing and application in this card!


  • Brown card stock
  • Silver and black pencil
  • Lots of white sequins and few red ones
  • Off-white and orange paper
  • Red and off-white threads
  • A wooden stick (can be a tooth stick)
  • Glue, scissors


First cut out 3 circles of off-white paper and a little orange triangle. Glue them to the center of the card stock to form a snowman.
Now add 3 red sequins to make buttons.
Draw eyes, mouth and hands using black pencil.
Draw a hat, boots and a little piglet using silver pencil. If you are not very good in drawing, then substitute a piglet with a balloon, for example. Or something else, simple and easy to draw.
Add a bunch of red threads as a scarf.
Cut off-white threads and tie them into a bunch. Attach this bunch to a tooth stick and glue It firmly to the card stock.
Last, but not least, draw stars using silver pencil and glue white sequins as stars.

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