Make a card in quilling technique

A bit more sophisticated diy card, then I usually choose for this blog, but it looks sooo good, that I simply couldn’t pass by…


  • White card stock
  • Light green and light rose paper
  • Light rose buttons
  • Scissors, glue

Cut out 4 stripes of light green paper, glue them as shown on the photo. The „steams” are ready.
Now cut out 4 stripes and 1 little square of light rose paper. Fold two of them, put toghether and glue the little square on top. This will be a bow. Now add 2 stripes to the bottom – the ends of the bow. Glue this bow on top of the „steams”.
Now cut out 10 stripes of ligt green paper and 9 stripes of light rose paper. Form them as shown on the photo using quilling tecnique. This time you’kk need 3 types of coils:
Loose Coil: Roll a strip into a tight coil. Remove the tool and allow the roll to uncoil. Glue the loose end of the paper to the coil.
Marquise: Make a loose coil. Hold the coil between the index fingers and thumbs of both hands. Instead of pinching the paper with one hand to form the teardrop, pinch the paper with both hands at the same time, leaving the centre of the coil round.
Pressed Heart: Make a loose coil and pinch it into a teardrop. With your fingernail or toothpick, indent the centre of the round end to form a heart shape.
Glue the “flowers” to the “steams”.
Add 3 buttons in the left upper corner and some greeting words.
Your card craft is ready!

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