Do it yourself invitation in pastel colours

A very elegant, simple and packed with love wedding invitation, that is really easy to make!


  • Textured card stock
  • Textile roses
  • Ribbon and rhinestone
  • Thin white textile (tulle, for example)
  • White threads
  • White paper for printer
  • Glue, scissors

Cut a piece of tulle, roll it and tie one end with a thread.
Cut a small piece of ribbon, tie a bow. Add a rhinestone.
Glue the bow onto the tulle (right where the threads are) and now glue the whole „bouquet packaging” onto the card stock.
Take roses and glue them inside the tulle roll so the it would look like a bunch of flowers.
Take white paper and print the word „Invitation” or whatever you wish.
Cut out a rectangle (the word itself and some few cm from each side). Roll the ends using a pencil or any stick.
Glue this „scroll” below the flowers.

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