Layered handmade birthday card

Stunning card with very sophisticated design and various layers.

How to make card| Materials:

  • Textured card stock
  • Light blue, white, rose and light brown thick textured paper
  • Needle, white threads
  • Crystals, white beads

How to make card| Directions:
Cut out 2 rectangles with shaped edges as shown on the photo. Now take white and rose paper and cut out cake’s base and the cake itself. Glue both parts onto the brown rectangle.
Take needle and threads and make neat stitches of different sizes to create candles. Glue 1 crystal on top of each stitch and white beads around them.

Now glue blue and brown rectangles to the centre of your card’s front side.
Your homemade birthday card is ready!

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  1. Do you sell these?

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    Savannah Bartel
    31 May 2013 @ 2pm
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    • Hello, Savannah! No, it’s just a tutorial for those, who’d like to make something similar with own hands.

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      6 June 2013 @ 10am
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