Lovely handmade Easter card

We are used to Easter cards in yellow and green colours, so this one might seem a bit unusual. Yet it looks awesome and will be surely stand out among a pack of greeting cards that your friends are most likely to get.

Ideas for Cards| Materials:

  • White card stock
  • Thick rose paper
  • Patterned paper
  • White button
  • Glue, scissors, pencil
  • Rose threads and needle


Ideas for Cards| Directions:
Take rose paper, cut out a rectangle of a bit smaller size then the front side of the card stock. Take pencil and draw a chicken. Now take patterned paper and cut out a piece in shape of chicken’s body. Glue it to the drawing.
Take rose threads and repeat the contour of chicken with stitches.
Take button and sew it to the rose paper. Make legs and beak with stitches.
Last, but not least, glue the rose rectangle to the front side of the card stock. Your homemade Easter card is ready!

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