Diy wedding invitation in blue

In February I shared with you an idea for diy wedding in purples. Today I have a great idea for diy wedding in blue.

Ideas for Cards| Materials:

    • White vertical envelope (like the one on the photo)

  • Blue thick textured paper
  • Blue ribbon
  • Glue, scissors


Ideas for Cards| Directions:
Take envelope, cut off the upper part, that closes the envelope. Make a nice triangle cut out in the upper part.
Take blue paper, cut out a square in a size of a half of the envelope. Glue it to the front side.
Take ribbon, wrap it around the blue part of the envelope and make a nice bow. Now add few drops of glue to the bottom side of the ribbon (in several places) and press it so the ribbon would stick firmly.
Now create an invitation letter, using MS Word, print it on a blue paper and put inside the envelope. Your

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