DIY wedding invitation for not-so-crafty

Planning a wedding on a limited budget? Making diy wedding invitation is the best way to save some cash. Here’s an interesting diy wedding idea that’s easy to make even for not-so-crafty guys.

Ideas for Cards| Materials:

  • White textured card stock
  • Golden foil
  • Golden sequins
  • Thick white paper
  • Glue, scissors, brush


Ideas for Cards| Directions:
Take your card stock and apply glue to its lower par by zigzag movements. Smudge it with brush.
Take golden foil, cut out a piece of about ¼ size of your card stock. Glue it on the card stock, leave to dry and then remove the part that are not stuck. Scratch the edges for a more artistic look. Embellish it with golden sequins.
Take thick white paper, cut out small hearts and glue them on the foil. Now use quilling tecnique to create 3 curls. Here’s how it is made:

  • Tight Coil: Roll a strip of paper tightly around your tool (take toothpick for a start), being sure to deep the paper in alignment as you roll. Place a small dab of glue at the end of the strip, glue end to the roll, and hold until set. Remove the tool.

Glue coils on the foil. Your do it yourself invitation is ready!

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