Cute homemade birthday card

Minimalistic design of this card is combined with bright colors and interesting decoration.

Ideas for Cards| Materials:

  • Blue card stock
  • Red paper
  • Thick blue thread


Ideas for Cards| Directions:
Take red paper, cut out an air balloon (as shown on the picture) and 13 triangles, all same size.
Glue air balloon on the front side of the card, add a piece of thread.

Write 1 letter of „Happy Birthday” phrase on each triangle. Your card will look more neat and tidy if you’ll use a letter stencil.
Cut 2 pieces of thread: one should be approximately 4 cm longer then the other one. Tie their ends and glue them on the inner side of the card. Now glue the triangles with letters, wrapping the base of each triangle over the thread.
Cute happy birthday card for friend is ready!

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