Colourful diy birthday card

One of my favorite ideas for a birthday card – colorful, cute and easy to make!

Ideas for cards| Materials:

  • Yellow card stock
  • Red colored paper
  • Glue
  • Sequins
  • Scissors with shaped edges
  • Party themed stickers and flower stickers

Ideas for cards| Directions:
Take a yellow card stock and cut out 4 same size squares as shown on picture.

Glue four nice stickers (any party-themed) on the inside of the cards so that they could be seen through a square hole on the outer side of the card.

Take a sheet of red paper and scissors with shaped edges. Cut out a rectangular strip – 3.5 cm wide and 15cm long and glue it vertically on the outer side of the card, to the left from square “windows”.
Glue flower shaped stickers to both outer and inner side of the card. Decorate them with little sequins.

Your diy birthday card is ready!

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