Cute homemade Christmas card

I’ve found this stylish card design on a site selling online cards, but thought it is a great idea for a homemade Christmas card – simple, cheap, but looks so cute!

Ideas for Cards| Materials:

  • Card stock with nice Xmas design (snow flakes, stars etc.)
  • Coloured paper
  • Glue
  • Pin
  • Thick marker


Ideas for Cards| Directions:
Cut out 12 small triangles of different colours. Write one letter of word „Christmas” on each triangle, leaving only two of them blank. Glue them all one by one at the top of your card stock.
Cut out two thin stripes and a rectangular with jagged edges (you can slightly burn them with a candle or lighter). Write the word „coming…”. Glue both stripes and a rectangular at the lower right corner of your card stock to create a „sign”. Add a pin at the junction of two stripes.

Your Xmas card with own hands is ready!

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