Christmas card crafts for children

It’s much easier to make an Xmas card with own hands then you might thought! This one is not only a simple Christmas card to make for your friends and relatives, it is also a great idea for Christmas card crafts for children.

Ideas for cards| Materials:
Thick sponge
White emulsion paint
Silver card stock
Colourful sequins
Gold sequin in the shape of stars

Ideas for cards| Directions:
Take sponge and cut out a triangular (9 cm long and 5 cm wide) and a square (2,5 cm x 2,5 cm).
Pour out some paint into the plate, dip triangular sponge into the paint and then press it to the middle of your card stock. Xmas tree is ready.

Do the same with rectangular sponge, but press it about 1 cm below the triangular. It will be a pot. To create Xmas tree trunk, draw a thin line with the angle of the same sponge.

Decorate your Xmas tree with sequins (using glue) and put a star on top of it.

Your handmade Xmas card is ready!

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