Easy handmade birthday card

This easy handmade birthday card would suit a person who loves traveling and dreams about exploring the entire world.

Ideas for Cards| Materials:
Card stock
Colourful map
Coloured paper
Thick silver marker
Glue and scissors

Ideas for Cards| Directions:

  • Cut out a piece of map (choose a country or region that you friend would love to visit). It should be a bit smaller then your card stock (about 0,5-1 cm) and glue it on a card stock.
  • Cut out a piece of light blue paper, burn it slightly on ends, write „Happy birthday” using thick silver marker and glue it in the upper right corner of your card.
  • Now cut out slips of light blue, red, yellow, beige and blue paper (about 0,5 cm wide) and create an air balloon using quilling technique. For those who are not familiar with this craft, here’s an easy instruction on how to create different shapes (actually, you’ll need only 3):
    1. Tight Coil: Roll a strip of paper tightly around your tool (take toothpick for a start), being sure to deep the paper in alignment as you roll. Place a small dab of glue at the end of the strip, glue end to the roll, and hold until set. Remove the tool.

    2. Crescent: Make a loose coil and pinch it into a half circle. Press in the centre of the half circle while curving the ends to form a crescent moon shape.

    3. Elongated Crescent: Make a VERY loose coil. Press in the centre while curving the ends to form an elongated crescent moon shape.

    You will need to make 6 coils for the basket, 7 elongated crescents for the balloon and 2 crescents at the top and bottom of balloon. Glue each quilled part on the card to create the air balloon.
  • Add golden stickers in each corner of the card.

Your happy birthday card for friend is ready!

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