Handmade birthday card ideas – vintage card

Vintage style birthday card is a great idea for greeting a friend or collegues with exquisite taste, who like all kinf of elegant handcraft.

Idea for Card| Materials:

  • white thick sheet of paper
  • a cup of strong coffee
  • cotton ball
  • iron
  • newspaper


Idea for Card| Directions:

Search the web for any nice black graphic pictures – trees, cats, birds, flowers or anything else. Use Microsoft Word (Photoshop would do better, but Word is also OK) to place them on a sheet of paper and then print out.

Dunk a cotton ball in coffee and paint both sides of paper sheet. Let it dry a bit and then repeat once again for more luscious color. Then cover the sheet with a newspaper and iron it to dry out.

Now bend the sheet into two parts, add some handwritten greetings using thick black marker. Your handmade vintage style Xmas card is ready!

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